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I'm Jéssica

I design and build things for the web.

About Me

I’m a passionate digital designer with a growing love for front-end development. I've embarked on this exciting journey to blend my creative design skills with the magic of code, and I can't wait to share it with you.

With a bachelor's degree in Digital Design, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a refined artistic sensibility to every project. Now residing in the beautiful landscapes of Canada, I'm surrounded by inspiration from both nature and technology. Beyond pixels and code, I'm a dedicated animal enthusiast with a four-legged entourage of my own – four wonderful dogs who fill my days with boundless joy.

My passion lies in crafting captivating user experiences and transforming them into pixel-perfect websites. I'm here to bring your digital dreams to life, one pixel at a time.

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Tools & Languages

I'm proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for frontend development, and I create designs using tools like Illustrator and Photoshop. I manage my code repositories on GitHub and collaborate with design teams using Figma.

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My Projects

Landing Page Leaf Sushi Restaurant

Introducing 'Leaf Sushi,' a captivating vegan sushi landing page that showcases a fusion of Japanese flavors and healthy cuisine. The meticulously designed webpage offers a visual feast, guiding visitors to explore our mouthwatering sushi, operating hours, and contact information.

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Project 1
Project 2

Register Form

I created a user-friendly web registration form using HTML and CSS. The design emphasizes clarity, making it easy for users to input their details. With a blend of intuitive layout and clean aesthetics, this project offers a smooth and visually pleasing registration experience.

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Mario Jump Game

For this project, I meticulously recreated the design of the Web Blitz website, focusing solely on its HTML structure and CSS styling. Drawing inspiration directly from their original design, my objective was to capture the essence and visual details accurately. Through a careful translation of design elements, the project highlights my proficiency in replicating established designs using fundamental web development tools, ensuring both functionality and visual fidelity.

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Project 3

I'm constantly engaged in learning and working on various personal projects. It's an ongoing journey where I'm continually exploring new ideas, refining my skills, and bringing my creative visions to life. You can always check out what I'm currently working on right here!


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